Cold Starters

Tortino with avocado, crayfish tails on the bed of orange carpaccio

(lemon dressing)

Allergens 2

 200gr./ 14.90lv.

Sea bass carpaccio

(citrus marinated sea bass on the bed of mixed salads)

Allergens 4

 150gr./ 16.90lv.

Smoked salmon toast

(served with crème fraiche, chives and rocked salads)

Allergens 1.4.7

 200gr./ 17.90lv.

Salmon tartare

(served with avocado and goma wakame)

Allergens 1.4

 150gr./ 18.90lv.

Beef tartare with truffle crème

(beef bon fillet, parmesan, sun dried tomatoes and mixed fresh salads)

Allergens 1.3.7

 150gr./ 19.90lv.

Beef carpacio

(marinated beef bon fillet, guacamole and parmesan)
Allergens 7.11

 150gr./ 19.90lv.

Hot Starters

Spring rolls with chicken fillet and Mascarpone

(carrots, zucchini, pepper, celery, chicken fillet and Mascarpone)


 160gr./ 12.90lv.

Shrimps with herbs

(shrimps fried with butter and herbs)

Allergens 4.7

 150gr./ 21.90lv.

Tempura shrimps with mango sauce

(shrimps, Daykon radish, spicy mango sauce and goma wakame)

Allergens 1.4.11

 150gr./ 18.90lv.

Grilled squids with lemon dressing and oregano

Allergens 4

 150gr./ 17.90lv.

Parmigiana di Melanzane

(eggplant, tomato sauce, parmesan, mozzarella and fresh basil)

Allergens 7

 180gr./ 13.90lv.

Grilled octopus

(octopus, lemon and oregano dressing)

Allergens 4

 130gr./ 29.90lv.

Fois gras on the bed of pineapple

(served with “Porto sauce”)


 150gr./ 26.90lv.

Grilled octopus with spicy mango sauce

(octopus with spicy mango sauce and sesame)

Allergens 4.11

 150gr./ 29.90lv.


Casa Boyana Salad

(tomato, marinated cucumber with mint, roasted pepper, buffalo cheese)

Allergens 7

 250gr./ 11.90lv.

Quinoa, mint, Philadelphia salad with tomato sauce

(tomato sauce, quinoa, marinated cucumber with mint and Philadelphia cheese with chives)

Allergens 7.1

 200gr./ 11.90lv.

Red beetroot, carrots, apple

(red beetroot, carrots and apple served with wallnuts and honey dressing

Allergens 8

 280gr./ 11.90lv.

Baby spinach with quinoa and parmesan crisp

(quinoa, carrots, red onions, tomato concasse, baby spinach served with mustard-soy dressing)

Allergens 7.1.8

 200gr./ 12.90lv

Cesar’s salad

(iceberg, capers, roasted chicken fillet, crispy bacon, Cesar’s sauce)

Allergens 1.4.7

 280gr./ 14.90lv.

Baby spinach with goat cheese

(baby spinach with avocado and apples, served with baked goat cheese and wallnuts)

Allergens 7.8

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

Pavarotii’s salad

(rocked salad, parmesan, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and balsamico dressing)

Allergens 7

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

“Ribler” goat cheese salad

(mixed fresh greens, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, Lemon dressing and baked goat cheese “Ribler”)
Allergens 7.8

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

Caprese salad

(tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and homemade basil pesto)

Allergens 7.8

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

Quinoa salad with smoked salmon and avocado

(tomatoes, quinoa, smoked salmon, avocado and mustard – soy dressing)


 250gr./ 14.90lv.


Chicken spit with mango

(marinated chicken fillet, served with mango chutney and mashed potatoes)

Allergens 7.11

 250gr./ 16.90lv.

Osso Buco with saffron risotto

(slow cooked veal knuckle with saffron risotto)

Allergens 1.7

 300gr./ 29.90lv.

Veal Steak “Peppe Verde”

(veal bon fillet, asparagus, wraped with bacon, served with Peppe Verde sauce)

Allergens 7

 250gr./ 32.90lv.

Roasted lamb

(served with steamed vegetables)

Allergens 7

 350gr./ 32.90lv.

Pork bon fillet with herbs and Bordo sauce

(served with rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes)

Allergens 7.9

 280gr/ 18.90lv.

Sea bass fillet with caponata

(sea bass filet served with homemade caponata)

Allergens 4.8

 250gr./ 28.90lv.

Tuna fish

(tuna fillet with smoked eggplant served with goma wakame)

Allergens 4.11

 250gr./ 28.90lv.

Salmon Teriyaki

(salmon fillet served on the top of quinoa with baby spinach)
Allergens 1.4.6

 250gr./ 26.90lv.

Pork scallopini with bacon and boiled vegetables

Алергени 7

 250gr./ 18.90lv.

Grilled meat on “Josper” BBQ


Marinated chicken steak

 200gr./ 11.90lv.

Marinated chicken fillet

 200гр./ 12.90лв.

Marinated pork neck

 220gr./ 12.90lv.

Marinated pork chop

 220gr./ 13.90lv.

“Black Angus” Rib eye steak

 250gr./ 49.90lv.



Grilled vegetables

 200gr./ 4.90lv.

Boiled vegetabled

Allergens 7

 180gr./ 4.90lv.

Mashed potatoes

Allergens 7

 100gr./ 4.90lv.

French fries

Allergens 7

 200gr./ 4.90lv.

Roasted potatoes with rosemary

Allergens 7

 200gr./ 4.90lv.

Arborio rice

Allergens 7

 150gr./ 4.90lv.

Asparagus with butter

Allergens 7

 100gr./ 9.00lv.


Red lentil cream soup

(red lentil, onion, carrots and croutons)

Allergens 1.7

 300gr./ 6.90lv.

Tomato soup

(served with cheese, croutons and balsamico)

Allergens 7.1

 300gr./ 7.90lv.

Chicken soup

(chicken, onion, carrots, celery and parsley)

Allergens 9.1

 300gr./ 7.90lv.

Pumpkin cream soup

(fois gras, cream, chives and croutons)

Allergens 7.1

 300gr./ 8.90lv.

Fish soup

(tomatoes, onion, squids, octopus, mussels and basil)

Allergens 4

 250gr./ 28.90lv.


Linguine with zucchini

(zucchini, basil, butter, parmesan)

Allergens 1.7

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

Tagliolini with shrimps

(homemade pasta with shrimps, zucchini and cherry tomatoes)

Allergens 1.4.7

 250gr./ 14.90lv.

Tagliatelle with beef minced meat

(beef meat, parmesan, tomato sauce)

Allergens 1.3.7

 280gr./ 15.90lv.

Gnocchi with spek and gorgonzola

Allergens 1.3.7

 280gr./ 18.90lv.

Risotto with gorgonzola, pear and fois gras

(rice, cream, parmesan, pear served with fois gras)

Allergens 1.7

 280gr./ 19.90lv.

Lasagna with rabbit minced meat and cocoa

(homemade lasagna, rabbit meat, parmesan, tomato sauce)

Allergens 1.3.7

 300gr./ 19.90lv.

Pene with smoked salmon

(pene with smoked salmon and cream)

Allergens 1.4.7

 280gr./ 19.90lv.

Risotto with seafood and saffron

(shrimps, squids, octopus, mussels)

Allergens 1.4.7

 280gr./ 19.90lv.


Chocolate soufflé

(served with vanilla ice cream)

Allergens 1.3.7

 150gr./ 8.90lv.

Almond Semifreddo

(served with chocolate sauce)

Allergens 3.7.8

 120gr./ 8.90lv.

Crème Brulee

Allergens 3.7

 120гр./ 7.90лв.

Sfogliatine alle Melle

(apple tart with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream)

Allergens 1.3.7

 120гр./ 7.90лв.


(biscottes, Mascarpone, coffe, liquor)

Allergens 1.3.7

 150гр./ 8.90лв.